The Sharkpreneur Podcast: Marc Freedman

Our Managing Partner, Marc Freedman, joined Seth Green of The Sharkpreneur to discuss Evolved Profits, our why and how to reduce companies expenses across any industry.

The full interview can be heard here: The Sharkpreneur Podcast with Marc Freedman, Managing Partner of Evolved Partners

Interview Highlights:

  • How did you get started? It all dates back to when my grandfather gave me five shares of Litton Industries. And I all of sudden got interested in the market starting my finance career….
  • How did Evolved Profits get started? For about five years one of my partners, Yanik Silver, had said to me we should do something together….
  • What does Evolved Profits really do? We look at how businesses spend money and based on our knowledge of doing over 25,000 audits of theses businesses and finding over $1 Billion in savings for these businesses over the last ten years is there a better way for a business to procure a product or service they are requiring…
  • What type of business is the Ideal Client for this? We deal with clients that are $20M in revenue on the low end and $2 Trillion on the high end….
  • What are the Most Common Mistakes you find businesses making? I always like to ask the business, what check do you hate writing the most? And well its either taxes or something benefits related….
  • How do you get through the clutter when trying to reach a $20M CEO? We typically need about 5 minutes of somebody’s time on their team to get the information for us to determine if there is an opportunity to help a business….
  • What has been the reception from the Business Owners You Saved that $1 Billion? In most cases they are surprised that we found what we found….
  • With all the Success you have Achieved What’s Your Biggest Challenge? Repeating it. Because now we are on a mission to create a $50M impact especially now with a dollar goal….
  • There is also an Opportunity for Other Professionals to Partner with you and add this to their Quicer of Services they offer and get Paid on it. Talk about the Opportunity side of this. all the Success You Have Achieved What’s Your Biggest Challenge?
  • There is also an Opportunity for Other Professionals to Partner with You and Add this to their Quiver of services they offer and get paid on it. Talk about the opportunity side of this. So we have two programs. We have an Ambassador Program who bring us business. Our other program is an Channel Partner program where someone wants to be in the expense reduction business we provide the infrastructure….
  • What do you like best about what you are doing? I love helping people be more successful. And at the same time helping people who need help….
  • Tell us a little bit about your Podcast: Thanks to you guys at Market Dminaton we had a successful launch and has been a long time in the making and having a lot of fun interviewing oweners of businesses that in their mission of their businesses is creating an impact in the world….


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