Case Studies

Medical Practice Saves on Medical Supplies

The award-winning multi-specialty medical practice staffed by a team of 500 top physicians and advanced care providers and 1500 clinical employees throughout 13 locations asked us to review its expenses for medical supplies.

Hospitality Company Saves in Multiple Cost Centers

While the travel segments was strong, we were hired to determine if there were potential areas of savings this multi-state hospitality company could immediately deploy.

Country Club Cuts Costs for Health Insurance and Food

Costs for client were increasing even as membership was decreasing. Efforts to cut costs while maintaining high-quality member services is a tough balancing act. ETP found ways to cut costs without sacrificing service or quality ─ a hallmark of ETP’s consulting expertise.

Commercial Real Estate Lease Audit

Tenants of a New York Building Partnered with Us to Analyze Their Annual Additional Rent/CAM Expenses

A client thought they might be overcharged for their annual CAM expenses and rent due. Here is what we found and how we recovered overpaid expenses.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization Partners with Expense to Profit to Analyze Their Medical Supply Spend

A client who wanted to save on expenses requested our assistance in locating a new medical supplies vendor. Our efforts saved them more than $1 million over 3 years.

Digital Equipment Lease Review and Audit

Digital Equipment Lease Review and Audit

A client intending to release their existing digital equipment to take advantage of an IRS Section 179 Tax deduction requested an audit from us.

Gastroenterology Practice Saves on Medical and Office Supplies

A client engaged us to evaluate and determine if there were price optimization strategies they could employ.

Finding Savings in Mobile Compliance Contracts

One of our clients used two major mobile carriers for employee communications without thinking twice about the numerous contracts.

mobile compliance contracts

Trouble With Jargony Contracts: Worker’s Comp Premiums

Improper employee classification codes caused very high overcharges and an inflated EMR, which went unnoticed because of jargony contact language.

mobile compliance contracts

You Need a Forensic Expense Audit

We review existing contracts and agreements everyday. We consistently find areas where our clients are either being overcharged, OR they are paying way too much. Our team of experts are able to significantly reduce expenses which results in more cash flow your company can use for other important areas


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