Introducing A No-Risk Way To Reduce Your Expenses, Uncover Hidden Cash Flow, and Even Expand Your Impact.

Note: Due to the Extensive Review Process
We Can Only Work with A Limited Number of Clients

Let’s face it, today it’s more critical than ever to reduce expenses…

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve already had your own internal financial team find cost savings, however we are able to uncover even more.

Across the board, our clients have realized an 18% cost savings – and that’s after they’ve done their own internal cost-cutting and re-negotiating.

Our veteran team of financial analysts, audit advisors, and industry experts uncover previously lost profits for you and your company using data from 25,000+ contracts analyzed.

The best part is there is no-risk or upfront payment.

Since 2010, Our Team Has Saved Businesses Like Yours Over $1 Billion.


We simply split the savings with you and then 5% of the recovered profit (on our side) goes to an impact project or cause of your choice.

The Evolved Profits® Process

Step One – Review We review your twelve-month vendor spend report. We’ll need just 15 minutes with your finance person and some invoices.

Step Two – Assess We use data from over 25,000+ audits completed to uncover lost profits. We’ll let you know where we can save you the most.

Step Three- Save We suggest changes that are equal to or better than what you have. 89% of the time, you can keep the same vendor! Once you approve the changes, we renegotiate the contract and split the savings with you.

Step Four – Impact From our portion of the savings recovered, we provide 5% into an impact fund to be directed by you. This can be applied to a cause-driven project, community contribution or donation to a charity partner of your choice.

Find Out If Your Business Qualifies


“A True Partnership”

“Our relationship with Evolved Profits® is a true partnership. They have introduced us to solution providers that truly think “outside the box.” As a smaller consulting practice it is always difficult to compete with your larger competitors [but] Evolved Profits® found ways to make that a reality. We are now able to afford to offer benefits that are almost identical to our larger competitors. The monthly reports provided always have new insights into additional solutions we should consider. We thank you as does our entire team of employees and their families.”

Client since 2012,
Managing Partner, Professional Consulting Group, Washington, DC

“Almost $30,000 in Savings Per Year”

“When Evolved Profits® reviewed our fees and provided analysis showing us we were over paying by $32,000 in the last year, I was flabbergasted. Our banker argued that our assessment was not correct, you then provided us with the information to show them that they were not charging the market rates for the relationship like we had with them. Armed with that data, they reduced our fees that provided savings to almost $30,000 per year. Still surprised but could not have accomplished this without your assistance.”

Client since 2014,
CFO, Dental Practice, Milwaukee, WI

‘There is NO category Evolved Profits® couldn’t handle when it comes to getting my down expenses”

“Words cannot express my gratitude to you for all the help you were to me during the sale of my business. First reviewing all of my expenses and getting them to where they should be was amazing. There is not a category that you could not handle. I could not have accomplished this without your business knowledge, your support, and your ‘know how!’ I thank you and your team so very much and I hope to be able to work again with you in the future.”

Florri Beckley
CEO,Your Cleaning Connection, North Potomac, MD

“Evolved Profits® Found Massive Unclaimed R&D Tax Credits”

“We were referred to Evolved® Profits through an adviser we are using. When our expenses were reviewed they noticed we had not claimed any R&D Tax Credits. Their CPA R&D Tax Credit team found we did qualify and also provided the forms necessary to amend our past three years returns to recover the overpaid taxes. In addition, Evolved Profits® will also support us should the IRS have any inquiries in regards to our amended return for no additional fee.”

Client since 2018,
CEO, Robotics Company, East Peoria, IL

“We No Longer Worry About Unforeseen Issues and Outrageous Bills”

“On a monthly basis we got bills for IT services and had no clue if we were really receiving the services that were invoiced. We were referred to Evolved Profits® and they reviewed our situation. They suggested we interview two new providers and also include our existing provider whom we liked. They suggested we do a RFP and require the provider be a fixed-price billing model. We no longer worry about unforeseen issues such as malware infections and software upgrades triggering outrageous bills. The fixed-price billing model is a blessing.”

Client since 2013,
Office Manager,Law Firm, Washington, DC

“We Received Savings of 22.5% for Our Health Insurance Benefits Review”

“After Evolved Profits® was successful in other expense areas we discussed doing a Health Insurance benefits review. They contacted our current provider and actually secured a reduction of 7% from the prior year. While they were negotiating with our current carrier they surveyed the market place for additional providers we might want to consider. Their analysis provided additional savings of 10% (total 22.5% from original renewal offer) and a better plan for our company. Our employees and their families thank you!”

Client since 2015,
HR Director,Biotechnology Company, Rockville, MD

“We Got Back Over $100,000 in Overpaid Premiums”

“Marc and his team reviewed our workers compensation insurance policy. In addition to getting back over $100,000 in overpaid premiums, our MOD rate was reduced causing a lower renewal rate for the current year. Thank you, what a valuable service.”

Client since 2013,
President, Janitorial Cleaning Services, Washington Metro

Find Out If Your Business Is A Fit

Your business could be losing thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars PER YEAR… (and there’s no risk or cost to find out)!

Based on over 25,000 audits and reviews, we found 9 out of 10 companies were overpaying for essential services.

We understand what it’s like to spend a lot of time choosing vendors, service partners and negotiating agreements… and the fear that comes with thinking you may have to take time out of your own day to lower costs…

Fret not. We examine underlying costs for sustainable reductions, overpayment situations and other savings opportunities that do not compromise quality and service levels.

We make sure things don’t “fall through the cracks” and work tirelessly so you and your team don’t have to!

The Power Of “Expense Reduction”

  • Cash flow problems?
  • Ready to support a sales team expansion, but worried how to fund it up front?
  • Searching for ways to require less operating funds or more growth capital?

Most likely, you have hidden cash flow available in your business.

You are undoubtedly spending too much on many of your operating costs without fully being aware – even if you have continued to do your own cost-cutting.

The Most Common Expense Categories Where Savings Can Be Found

  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank & Credit Line Fees
  • Cleaning Services & Supplies
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Equipment Purchasing & Leasing
  • Federal Tax Credits – Employee, R&D &
  • Cost Segregation
  • Food & Dietary Services
  • HR & Payroll Management Solutions
  • Information Technology Services
  • Insurance – P/C, Health & Workers
  • Compensation
  • Medical & Laboratory Supplies
  • Merchant Processing Fees
  • Office Supplies
  • Online & Software Licensing Services
  • Retirement Benefit Plans
  • Telecommunications – Voice, Data &
  • Mobile
  • Uniforms & Linens
  • Utilities & Energy Consumption
  • Waste Management – Hazardous & Recycling & more.

What We Do At Evolved Profits®

Our methods, strategies and expense reduction solutions are designed to manage costs and drive quantifiable savings to your operating budget.

The process begins by identifying top spend categories, and reviewing and analyzing vendors, agreements, invoices and conducting market research.

We provide you a detailed report with our findings and recommendations.
We do not sacrifice quality or service levels and in over 87% favorable outcomes are successfully negotiated with existing suppliers resulting in no vendor change.

Finally, we facilitate the implementation of the recommendations and provide ongoing compliance monitoring.

Our Results

A few examples of the extraordinary results we deliver for our clients include:

  • An audit of annual health insurance premiums of $1.3 million for an organization with 132 employees resulted in a reduction of $280,000 WITHOUT altering benefits, changing brokers or offloading costs to employees.
  • Review of workmen’s compensation claims recovered $178,000 in overpayments and a reduction in the EMR from 1.08 to 0.92. We then put the client on a PAYG program with their payroll service provider resulting in an additional 15% monthly savings in premium while helping ease cash flow burdens.
  • Hauling and disposal costs at a client site were reduced by over $25,000 a year and more than $10,000 recovered for “phantom equipment” charges.
  • Analysis of non-center of the plate items – produce and dry goods led to net savings of $289,000 over three years, trimming the number of vendors from 8 to 2 and implementing a cost-plus pricing verification model.
  • Comparison of document management, equipment leases and maintenance service, based on identical equipment and services, turned up savings of $32,000 over three years (instead of 15% annual increases from the existing vendor); the new vendor removed and returned the old equipment to the previous leasing company at no charge.

The Impact.

From our portion of the savings recovered, we provide 5% into an impact fund to be directed by you. This can be applied to a cause-driven project, community contribution or donation to a charity partner of your choice. (Optionally, you can also match the 5% contribution to double the impact.)

Our upfront guarantee to you: If we find NO savings there is NO fee for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What EXACTLY does Evolved Profits® do?


• We provide forensic expense auditing and recovery services.

• When save you $1, we share the savings with you – you get 50¢ as do we.

• You are currently paying 100% of the savings to your vendor, wouldn’t you like to get half of that back?

• First, we need to determine if you are a good fit for our services. We can only help about 50% of the companies we speak with.

• Keep in mind we do this at no risk to your company. We take all of the risk, if we do not find savings or a recovery you pay us absolutely nothing!

Question: What if my company already does this (or we have another entity performing this auditing/cost cutting role)?


Most businesses already do this in some way. That said, we have done over 25,000 audits and have pricing information and vendor partner relationships where we are offered programs not available to you by your vendors.

Question: Can you change vendors without my permission?


No. 87% of the time, we can increase product quality and service levels you receive. This is all accomplished while decreasing your costs without making a vendor change. Should a change be necessary it requires your approval.

Question: What makes Evolved Profits® different?


We provide 5% of our fee in your business name to a cause-driven project, Community Contribution or a donation to your charity of your choice.

Find Out How Much Money You Can Save (While Helping Make a Greater Impact)