Ep29: Post-Pandemic Tax Credit Amendments for Businesses


– Profits with Purpose with Marc Freedman and Yanik Silver Episode 29 with Marc Freedman


Listen to this latest episode of Profits with Purpose where we do things a little differently this week as Marc discusses the latest amendments to the Employee Retention Credit, Paycheck Protection Program, and Consolidation Appropriations acts and what you need to know as a business owner.


In this episode, Marc discusses:

Employer Retention Credit Act Amendment and what has changed
Extensions to know about for the Consolidation Appropriations Act
PPP Loan forgiveness and how PPP effects ERC
What eligibility qualifications have changed
Evolved Profits can help you figure out if you qualify, and how to maximize benefits
Learn about the many companies Evolved Profits have helped, saving them millions of dollars


I hope you find this special episode with Marc very informative and helpful. If you want to know more about how Evolved Profits can help YOU, contact us today!


Please let us know your thoughts!


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