Ep 28: Conscious Capitalism: Making Profits While Making A Difference


Jeff Risley is the Chief Growth Officer at Saxum, an issues-obsessed agency delivering strategic campaigns and digital solutions for a changing world. The team at Saxum is unapologetically committed to a better world, and Jeff loves nothing more than helping business audiences make meaningful change within their own organizations through smart and efficient investments in smart marketing strategies and new technologies


Listen to this latest episode of Profits with Purpose where we talk with Jeff Risley about conscious capitalism.


In this episode, we discuss:

·      Conscious capitalism as the future

·      Pressures from investors and customers driving positive social impact

·      How technology can help businesses be more purpose driven

·      Using data to gain insights that can bring you to market in a smarter way

·      Making sustainability a priority for your business



I hope you find this episode as informative and as exciting as we have. Jeff was so generous to share with us how to be more conscious as a business to promote positive social impact.


Please let us know your thoughts!


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