Savings Potential Worksheet

What’s Your Savings Potential?

Are you spending more than you should on your monthly expenses?

Find out now with our interactive Savings Potential Worksheet below.

To evaluate whether we could be a resource to help find extra cash flow for you, please enter your annual spend in the “Annual Spend Amount” column below. If one or more of the cost categories meets the ‘Minimum Annual Spend,” and you would like to learn more about how we may be able to assist in finding your business extra cash flow, please contact us.

* The averages described above are aggregated from expense reduction benchmarking data and other consultant reporting. This reporting is comprised of data input by all of our consultants and may contain human errors or omissions. The data may not include every project we have worked on. The data provided is a representation of any savings that your organization may experience. Actual results may be more or less than the averages represented here as of 07/31/2021.

Savings Potential Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum expense level?

It depends on the expense category. For a complete list of those amounts download our Savings Potential Worksheet.

What is the minimum amount of expenses you will review for no cost?

$50 Million

Is there a maximum size of business you can review?

No, our largest client has over $500 billion in expenses

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